Are There Verses Missing From Your Bible?

Many Bibles omit entire verses from them. For instance, they skip from Acts 8:36 and go to verse 38, leaving out verse 37 altogether or put it in a footnote at the bottom of the page causing the reader to doubt whether the verse should be included or not. Make sure any Bible you use is a complete Bible!

Here is a list of only a few verses that many Bibles leave out.

  1. Matthew 17:21
  2. Matthew 18:11
  3. Matthew 23:14
  4. Mark 9:44
  5. Mark 9:46
  6. Mark 15:28
  7. Luke 17:36
  8. Luke 23:17
  9. John 5:4
  10. Acts 8:37

Are you using a complete Bible? There is a difference!

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